Tips for choosing a Tattoo Studio

Make sure you are happy with the cleanliness of the studio. The tattooist should be wearing gloves and always be using pre-packed needles, as well as ensuring that the tattoo area is clean. Don't rush into getting a tattoo, think carefully about your design. Make sure you place it carefully based on what you normally wear, and consider if you need to conceal it while at work.

Healing Creams

Why Classic Ink?

We have thousands of tattoo designs to choose from, you can bring in your own, or we can create a custom one for you. We have old school designs alongside modern styles, including a range by Jenny Clarke. We also have plenty of male and female specific designs too. Mike and Tina are here to help please don't hesitate to ask us for advice, we understand you may be nervous. We will make your tattoo experience as pleasant as possible, whether it is your first or your tenth time.

For the best tattoo experience, follow these guidelines....

Ready to get your first tattoo? Here are some of the things you can do before and on the day.

  • Take multivitamins to boost your immune system

  • Eat well beforehand to avoid fainting

  • Please do not drink less than 24 hours beforehand

  • Try one of our numbing cremes just before at the studio

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