Leave the bandage on

Your artist took the care to cover up your new tattoo for a very good reason - to keep air-born bacteria from invading your tattoo. Yes, as pretty as your new tattoo is, it is still a wound. Broken skin is a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. Leave the bandage on for a minimum of two hours.


After you remove the bandage, wash with warm soapy water and mild, liquid antibacterial soap. Do not use a washcloth use a clean sheet of kitchen towel every time. You may have a hot bath or shower, as this can help to take the sting out. Then pat (do not rub) the area firmly with a CLEAN towel or paper towel to get it completely dry. Follow with a very light application of Antibacterial Cream.

Reccomended Creams

If you prefer, you can also use a speciality product such as Tattoo Goo or Bepthan. Savlon should been used on feet, keep away from E45, Germoline and Vasoline. Use the products 4 times a day till tattoo has healed. Savlon can dry out your tattoo, use Bepthan or tattoo goo to keep moisturised, use this sparingly and rub in well. Make sure your hands are clean.


Yes, you can shower with a new tattoo. It's OK to get your tattoo wet - just don't soak it. Submerging your tattoo in a bath can cause serious damage, so you'll want to avoid doing this for 4 weeks, but showering is perfectly fine as long as you don't saturate your tattoo. Swimming - whether it be a pool, fresh water or salt water - should be avoided for at least 4 weeks.

Sunbathing & Sunbeds

Keep your new tattoo out of the sun or sunbeds for the first 4 weeks After your tattoo is healed, always protect it from the sun, use sun block The sun can and will fade and damage a brilliant tattoo very fast.

Quick guide to caring for your tattoo

Now you have your new tattoo, from this point on your artist is not responsible for any infection with your tattoo. It's important that you follow these guidelines.

  • Leave the bandage on for a minimum of two hours

  • You can shower and wash but never saturate or submerge your tattoo

  • Use our reccomended healing creams

  • Avoid sunbeds and strong sunlight

Aftercare Products can help heal your tattoo quickly

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